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CNC Router ST1530A
CNC Router ST1530A CNC Router ST1530A CNC Router ST1530A
Product name : CNC Router ST1530A
Product No. : 2018626102550
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 Solid steel frame constructure

High-frequency 4hp/6hp spindle

DSP remote Control user-friendly operator interface

Tool Calibration

High Speed 3-axis Motion Controller

Precision dual Y-axis micro stepping or servo drives

Available for 5X10 CNC Router, 4X8  cnc router, 6X10 cnc router 

etc any size.

CNC router can be used in following industries:

CNC router can be used in following industries:

Building Industry (  Architectural Decoration Elements, Kitchen 


Cabinet & Door, Facades & Curtainwall,  Column & Balustrade )

Sign& Advertising ( Signage Indoor & Outdoor, Engraving& Bas-

Relief, 3D Letters, Funeral)

Models & Prototyping

Plastics & Composites ( ACP, ACM and solid surface material etc )

non-ferrous metals & Marine

Machine Frame 

Sequoyatec cnc router is with extra thicken welded steel tubes, the 

thickness is at the top of cnc router industry in China. The 4 X8 cnc 

router is the basic size, also available size of 5 X 10 cnc router, 6 X 10 

cnc router etc size.

HSD Hign Frequency Spindle (Option: China air cooling spindle)

Rack cnc router is with 3kw or more power HSD spindle or 

watercooling type. This one is with no maintenance, 6000-18000rpm..


The gantry is constructed of tubular steel with reinforcing ribs welded 

throughout the length of the column which results in a steady firm beam 

assembly. This quality engineering and workmanship result in smooth 

precision cutting.

Gantry Support 

The Gantry uprights are cast aluminium with heavy duty gussets 

formed into the casting. Each support is machined for housing the 

various drive assemblies including motors, bearings, belts, and wiring 


Rail Linear Guide 

Taiwan rail linear bearing ,double slippers,bearing heavy,working 


Driver and Motor 

Stepper motors are motion systems allowing to have a high positioning 

precision. With their high power already at low speed, their stall torque 

and the possibility to divide the steps in microsteps, stepper motors 

can provide direct and precise motions in a small volume.

Workpiece Hold Down 

A matrix table and powerful vacuum pump, (up to 140m3/h, -85kpa) 

are used to allow the best vacuum hold down, this is essential for 

nested-based manufacturing.

The table has a 25mm thick phenolic vacuum table surface mounted 

onto the steel base frame.Non-vacuum table is also an option.

Vacuum Switches 

Sequoyatec vacuum table is with multi zones, which allows the 

operator to switch from full sheet processing to smaller part 

processing. Every vacuum zone is controlled by separated.valves on 

the front of machine, and whole vacuum zones are with one general 

valves to control.

DSP Remote Controller(Other controllers are optional) 

High-speed processing operation is the micro-controller, PLC systems 

can’t match;Use embedded structure,

High degree of integration,

Strong stability,

Easy installation and operation;

U disk support, removable storage card reader, with USB Interface, 

high speed transfer,

Plug and play the full realization of all work offline.

Control Cabinet 

European IEC standard wiring, CE standard electrical device and 

sheethed cable connection. All the electrical components are housed. 

Overall Wiring layout is tagged in case the service is required, the 

customer can easily navigate the cabinet.

Tool Calibration/Tool Sensor 

CNC router comes standard with a Tool Calibration. This tool 

calibration or you may call it tool sensor makes calibrating tool lengths 

easy and quick.

Lubrication Tank 

After filled lube tank, every week move it to lubricate all 3 axis for 

longer life time working. Trying 15-40 motor oil to start or gear oil.


Vacuum Pump 

Sequoyatec offer 3 kinds of vacuum pump as your working 

requirement and budeget. We suggest Becker brand rotary vane 

KVT3.14 with 4kw(380V 3 phase), 4.8kw(220V 3phase), which is 

German brand, or you could choose Tongyou brand vacuum pump if 

you have enough budget. If you have rather limited budget, but still 

need vacuum function, Jinqiaotong brand is not bad choice.

Popup Pin 

Sequoyatec offers material location pop-up pins for all Sequoyatec 

CNC Router model machines. The pins swing below the table surface 

thus moving out of the way of the cutting path. The pins can be 

machined for precision pin alignment to the axis of travel.

Rotary Device 

A rotary device includes a fixed body and a shaft. As 4th axis of cnc 

router, it could work instead of X or Y axis for column processing, 

such as chair jamb, stair jamb, roman column, pillar etc.

The column diameter it fixes could be from 10mm to 400mm, material 

could be wood, marble, foam etc.

Auto Prssure Plate 

When you cut or engrave thin less than 10mm material on cnc router, 


must encountered that uneven situation even you have fixed its edge by 

clamps. Today, Sequoyatec offer a great device to solve this problem. 

We call it AUTO Pressure Plate. It could assist the surrounding area of 

spindle working be pressed to working table tightly. It suits the spindle 

diameter at 65mm, 80mm, 100mm

Dust Collector 

Protect your cnc router and employee from dust or powder while cnc 

router working, which ensures machine working precision, spare parts 

lifetime and working environment. See following video to see dust 

collector installation guide.

Mist cooling system

Oil mist/fog lubrication pump is driven by compressed air, sprays oil 


fog particles in the size between 0.5 and 15 0.5-15μm. It is 

application for lubrication and cooling of lubrication points. It is 

equipped with electromagnetic valve. When connected with main unit 

electric control, it can realize control of lubrication time.


X,Y-Axis Travel: 1300mm*2500mm; 1500mm*3000mm, 2000mm*3000mm or more (4*8, 5*10, 6*10 etc)

Z-Axis Travel: 200mm or others

Spindle: 3kw watercooling 24000rpm or higher power; HSD3kw aircooling 18000rpm or higher power

Repeatability: +/-0 .05mm

Traveling Speed: 15m/min-50m/min

Drive System X and Y axis: Rack and Pinion, rail linear bearing

Drive System Z axis: Lead Screw, rail linear bearing

Standard Work Surface: Aluminum T-Plate Extrusion Combined Bakelite Vacuum Table

Motor: Stepper/Servo

Spindle Protection Device: digital spindle temperature monitor (not fitted for air-cooling spindle)

Command languages: G code, *mmg, *plt, *u00

Voltage: 380V/3phase; 220V/3phase


Type:  DSP Remote Controller/ NC studio/ Syntec

Interface: USB /PCIMC

Memory: 128 MB

File Type: G codes & PLT/ Gcode/ G code&M code


Auto Tool Changer System and Syntec


 Mechanical part of the machine  1 piece

Spindle Motor 3.0KW or others (is mounted on the machin 1 piece

CNC electronic control box  1 piece

DSP(USB) console panel(Weihong controller or MACH3) 1 piece

Water pump (for water cooling Spindle) 1 piece

Cables for connection 1 kit



SPTA  (Spare Parts, Tools and Accessories)  for the machine

1. Tool kit   1 kit

2. Collets  ER20 or ER25 or ER32  4 pcs

3. Clamps  for fastening workpiece   8 pcs


4. Kit of bits  20 pcs

5. Brush 1piece

6. Allen Key 4pcs

7. Open Spanner   2pcs

8. Sealing Strip (if with vacuum table)  1 piece

9. Anchor Bolt   4-6pcs

Optional Accessories, click here for more accessories :

Rotary Device: Indexed as 4th axis for processing column material.

Vacuum Pump: Holding down material efficiently than clamps.

Dust Collector: Strongly suggest you get it if you process wood and plastic

Mist Sprayer: Good option if you process aluminium, marine etc

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